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Reliamotive Labs is developing next-gen technologies, providing consulting services, and conducting workshops for industries, research, and academic institutions in electrification.







15+ clients worldwide trusted us with their electrification needs

For past 5+ years, we’ve been bringing solutions for heavy industries, research, and academic institutions.


Consulting design, simulation, & development to provide exceptional turnkey expertise

E-Motor and Drive

Planar Magnetics

Transformers and Inductors

Hardware customization

Customizing your hardware to your business needs

E-Motor Test Bench


Modelling & validating your ideas to reduce the development costs.

Motor XP - E-Motor Simulation

Portunus - System Level

Trafolo - Power Electronic Components

EMCos - EMI/EMC solution

workshops & Trainings

Upskilling your teams/students with our workshops & webinars.

Electric Vehicle Technology

Planar Magnetics

High & Low Frequency Electromagnetics

Here are some electrification services we’re providing for our clients

In-house development

Design & Consultancy

Workshops & Trainings

We’ve been already asked earlier that..., why should we work with us?

( and our response still stays the same as always )